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“Hey, Ma! I’m on the Internet!”

Yup, I sure am! Haha! This past May I delivered a talk entitled “Divergent Thinking” at TEDxStJohns, and that talk is now online on YouTube. You can watch it here.

The theme of this TEDx conference was Overcoming Adversity, and my own take on that theme considers how creative thinking can help us when we’re faced with everyday problems or obstacles. It may sound cliché, but thinking outside the box is an important skill, one we can practice and develop. I feel strongly that if we encourage critical and creative thinking more, then we would all find problem solving a much easier and more intuitive process. It’s a light-hearted take on the theme, and I discuss divergent thinking in terms of my own experience as an emerging writer.

The message I want to emphasize is very much in the spirit of a couple of Sir Ken Robinson’s talks – one for TED and one for RSA. I’m not saying my own presentation matches his charisma nor his brilliance, but we have similar intentions. I also see that sort of encouragement in those recent PBS Digital Studio videos that autotune-remix Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross. Both are totally awesome, so I’m sharing those here, too. Haha!

Anyways, I have to say, TEDxStJohns was a wild ride! Whatever nerves and stage fright I experienced was totally worth it; it was a great experience! So, I’d like to send a shout out and a big thanks to all of the TEDxStJohns organizers, speakers, performers, volunteers, attendees, and the broader TED community for making this thing happen and letting me be a part of it. Thanks! It was awesome!


The Crow's Problem

The Crow's Solution


Well, this is it. Tonight’s the night! The doors of the Majestic Theatre open at 6:15 for TEDxStJohns.

There’s such a broad range of topics covered under the theme Overcoming Adversity. The TEDxStJohns organizers have put together a great group of people!

I must admit, though, I’m a little nervous. I half considered trying to change my presentation topic to Stage Fright, but after last night’s rehearsal I think I’ll do fine. I’m really excited to be presenting with such a diverse crowd of presenters, each with something amazing to share!

My own presentation discusses divergent thinking and how creativity can help us when we are faced with adversity. It’s a light-hearted talk with a little humour mixed in. I hope it goes over well! Mostly, I’m grateful to be a part of the show tonight, and I can’t wait to see the other presenters! It’s going to be a blast!

The tickets for TEDxStJohns have sold out already, but if you’d really like to be a part of it, there’s still the reception after the presentations. At 11PM, the Majestic’s doors will be open to the public (so, you don’t need a ticket to take part in this portion of the night). There’s a cash bar and cover at the door is just $2! So, if you’re into ideas worth sharing, you can still be a part of TEDxStJohns tonight!

I know it’s going to be great! See you there!

Cheers, all!

So, not too long ago Jonny Hodder mentioned TEDx St. John’s to me and suggested I pitch a presentation to them.  To make a long story short, they fell for my scheme!  MUAH-HAHAHAHA!  *ahem*  Yes, anyways, they liked my audition and I’ll be presenting at TEDx St. John’s!

*graciously accepts all applause and praise, then bows and returns to the podium*

Yeah, so the theme of this TEDx is Overcoming Adversity and my presentation will discuss how creativity can help people do just that.  Although I’ll try to speak broadly about creative thinking at home, work, and school, my own anecdotal evidence revolves around my experience in e-publishing.  This presentation won’t be nearly as stuffy and complex as my previous, more academic presentations; instead, this is more laid back, like I’m just telling a story.  It may even be a little humourous.   

I have no idea exactly what the other speakers will present on, but the list of speakers has me excited and I’m really stoked to be a part of TEDx!  So, if you’re free the evening of May 25th and you’re into ideas worth spreading, then check it out!  You can find ticket information here.  At the moment, it looks like there are some general admission tickets still available!